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Video: The vital role of transparency in records management strategy

Many organizations have developed a records management policy to determine where records are stored, for how long and for what purpose. The problem, says New York Life Insurance Co. Corporate Records Manager Jason C. Stearns, is that not enough organizations clearly document that records management strategy.

"If you're working with records and content in your systems, where did it originate from? If you can't say, 'It started here and ended up here, and I know everything that happened along the way,' you can start poking holes in the integrity of the content," Stearns said.

In this video interview conducted at the ARMA International Conference and Expo in Chicago last month, Stearns discusses the benefits of a clear, transparent records management strategy, and how new trends such as predictive coding can assist with information governance processes.

Predictive coding will have a huge influence on information governance in coming years, Stearns said, as companies will see its benefits for everyday recordkeeping.

"The same basic technology can be used on the front end of the records and information lifecycle, which can allow us to really automate a lot of the categorization aspect that is a core and underlying aspect of information governance programs," Stearns said.

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Metadata is another key information governance element, as it captures descriptive data at the very start of a document's lifecycle, Stearns said. When examining data systems and stores, companies need to make sure information is created and accessed by authorized personnel, and Stearns says metadata can help.

"You know who created the content, who accessed the content, who has edited it, who has touched it over time -- and if those people were properly authorized or informed to do that," Stearns said.

In this video, learn more about Stearns thoughts on records management strategy, his advice for records managers in today's complex regulatory environment and why metadata and predictive coding are inherent to information governance.

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