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Video: Records management tools and strategies expand in scope

Records management is getting more complicated by the day: Whether it's managing email, data stored in Microsoft SharePoint or a file-sharing program, organizations need to focus on a broader set of electronically stored information than ever before.

As this trend continues, organizations will increasingly link records management tools across a broader range of departments, said Forrester Research principal analyst Brian W. Hill. This will call for creating formalized structures linking information governance with IT, legal, security and other roles to tackle records management more efficiently.

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"What we're already seeing is that organizations -- especially more forward-thinking enterprises -- are linking these roles together effectively, and in the next three years we expect to see more standardization of these organizational structures," Hill said.

In this video interview conducted at the 2012 ARMA International Conference and Expo in Chicago, Hill told editor Ben Cole how this increased onus on information will change how records managers do -- and keep -- their jobs. Many senior executives perceive records management as a "dusty cost center," and managers will be challenged to effectively market their value in the face of tight budgets, Hill said.

Hill expects organizations to increasingly use metric-capturing dashboards to sell and justify records management tools and programs. For example, these dashboards and metrics could display, with hard numbers, how using defensible disposition practices through e-discovery can cut storage volume and mitigate legal risk.

"By being able to apply records management tools in conjunction with defensible disposition practices, [records managers] can have a really measurable impact on total cost savings for storage and related infrastructure," Hill said. "I think they are much more likely to get those budget dollars if they are also able to put together a compelling argument for how they can help companies achieve storage savings."

In this video interview, learn more about Hill's thoughts on the benefits of incorporating records management tools in the e-discovery process, his predictions for the Software as a Service market and the major obstacles facing records managers today.

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