The role of metadata management in information governance strategy

The term metadata is very hard to define, but it's often described as "data about data." It can include details about the time and date of its creation, the creator of the data and the computer network location where it was created -- all of which can prove valuable to your information governance strategy.

In this video interview, Lori Ashley, principal consultant at Wisconsin-based Tournesol Consulting, discusses how metadata fits into the records management and information governance universe. Simply put, metadata organization is a vital tool for records managers, she said.

"[Records managers] need metadata to do their job -- to find the records, to apply retention disposition, to know who made them and what they were made for," Ashley said.

With metadata so important to information governance strategy, protecting it is equally important. The key is to remember what data management rules pertain to your organization and, above all, to remain flexible, Ashley said.

"I think that [metadata security] is a multiphase implementation, and you need to have your options open so that you can add metadata elements over time," Ashley said. "If you find that the needs of your business change, you may need additional tags in order to use the information appropriately."

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