CIO Innovator: Ignore secure application development at your own risk

With increasing amounts of critical corporate data being moved to the cloud, culled for business intelligence and pushed to end-user mobile devices, our already shaky security and compliance postures grow even more precarious.

In this video interview, noted security expert Chris Wysopal, co-founder and chief technology officer of Veracode Inc., says years of disregard for secure application development have resulted in a crisis of cyber insecurity. And he calls for nothing short of a government intervention to save businesses from themselves.

"It's really, really bad," Wysopal told "Especially for small or medium-size companies.  They just don't realize that they need to spend money, resources and time to secure their stuff."

Wysopal also discusses ways to make cloud initiatives safer through secure application development. And he shares his thoughts on making secure application development less of a cost and more of a driver for business growth and innovation. He likens security to the brakes on a car.

"Good brakes make it so you can drive faster," he said. "Think of security as allowing you to go faster to new markets, use the cloud, use mobile, even with very sensitive data as long as you have good security around it."

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