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Why is security important? Tweet jammers talk IT protection priorities

Why is security important? Where should companies focus IT protection efforts? Tweet jam participants discussed cybersecurity in our recent #CIOChat.

Security breaches happen, but some cause more harm than others. How can professionals charged with IT protection and compliance activities ensure that their security efforts maximize protection? Where and why is security important?

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The traditional approach to cybersecurity typically focuses most resources on critical system components and on combatting the largest known threats. This method of defense leaves less-visible system components open to threats and other less-obvious risks unattended.

In SearchCIO's recent cybersecurity-themed tweet jam, participants discussed just that. How do you determine what needs protecting? Specifically, we asked the following:

Our tweet jam expert, Elliott Franklin, information security manager at San Antonio, Texas-based Whataburger Restaurants LLC, said that IT professionals should first focus on business-critical activities:

Speaking of the business, our tweet jam participants emphasized the importance of getting everyone on the same page when it comes to appropriate cybersecurity and understanding the foundations of security:

To combat security breaches, CIOs, chief information security officers and compliance officers must understand why security is important and what data they need to protect. From there, employee training must be a top priority, according to tweet jammers:

Expanding upon SearchCompliance's tweet, giving employees access to corporate information via mobile devices, take-home laptops or tablets opens a vector for security breaches. But is end-user training enough to combat this increased risk? Tweet jammers discussed how to maneuver the physical aspect of security breaches:

Creating a firewall and protecting data digitally is important, but #CIOChat participants were just as concerned about in-the-flesh threats:

Where are you security efforts focused? How do you decide what needs protecting, and to what extend do compliance regulations play a role? Tell us why you think security is important in the comments section below, then read the full #CIOChat conversation on Twitter.

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Does adherence to compliance regulations play a role in your company's cybersecurity efforts?