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Top 10 information governance strategy tips for compliance pros

Information governance strategy is complicated, and made more so by adding compliance to the equation. Here are our top 10 articles examining the latest data management trends.

Implementing data management strategy and processes is a huge task, and one made more complicated when compliance is taken into account. The numerous (and rapidly multiplying) compliance regulations organizations face require looking beyond just information governance strategy from a risk management perspective. is here to help. Here are our top ten tips examining the latest information governance trends to assist your data management strategy while also helping you keep pace with compliance regulations.

Taking control of records management and compliance strategy
The ties between organizational records management and compliance can no longer be ignored. One of today's greatest business risks is that many organizations have little to no control over the management of their information. Here's how to get a handle on information governance and compliance.

Survey finds information governance challenges likely to continue
Many organizations predict increased records management adoption, implementation or expansion in the coming year, according to joint survey data from Forrester Research Inc. and ARMA International. This will not only result in bigger budgets and broader information governance focus, but also increased records management challenges, researchers said.

Podcast: E-discovery strategy essentials
In this podcast, technology law expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses some of the must-haves in an organizational e-discovery process. Due to the sheer volume of digital information created by the average company, e-discovery requires more and more people to be involved in finding and validating the reliability of digital information, Ritter said. As a result, e-discovery now requires input from virtually every department, and businesses must find new ways to collaborate on e-discovery.

How records managers can help e-discovery processes
The process of collecting and preparing electronic data for e-discovery litigation sounds like the perfect job for a records manager -- until resource restrictions and overzealous lawyers provide a reality check. Here's how records managers can use their skill sets to remain valuable to the e-discovery process.

Video: Building an organization-wide data governance strategy
Records management and information governance is a complicated task made even worse when you are basically starting from scratch. One person who knows about these challenges is Stephanie McCutcheon, the first-ever manager of records and information management at Denver, Colo.-based SM Energy. In this video, McCutcheon discusses challenges and best practices you can expect when developing an information governance strategy.

Using information governance for data security
Threats to business data come from many different places: competitors, malicious hackers, even unknowing employees. Here's how a solid information governance policy can help keep your data secure.

Video: Transparency's vital data management role
Jason C. Stearns, New York Life Insurance Co.'s corporate records manager, says that many organizations have policies outlining how records are stored. The problem, he says, is that not enough organizations clearly document that strategy. In this video Q&A, Stearns outlines the benefits of a detailed, transparent records management strategy.

The rapidly expanding scope of records management
Organizations need to focus on a broader set of digital information than ever before. As this trend continues, businesses will increasingly link records management tools across a broader range of departments, said Forrester Research Inc. principal analyst Brian W. Hill. In this video, Hill discusses the potential bottom-line benefits of this integration between records management strategies and other business processes.

Using metrics to help prove information governance ROI
Information management has become integral to many, if not all, business processes. But how can a company prove its information governance processes are actually working? In this podcast interview, learn how using metrics can help you evaluate data governance tools.

The compliance-wary approach to information governance
Compliance professionals often resist developing a records management strategy because it's rarely a direct compliance responsibility. But when done well, records management is a significant help to compliance, according to expert contributor Ed Moyle.

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