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New and emerging technology trends carry heavy compliance burden

Emerging technology trends such as social, mobile, cloud and big data may be the new norm, but compliance and security fears remain persistent.

New and emerging technology trends are rapidly revolutionizing the workplace in and out of the office, offering easier access to IT resources and cheaper, more efficient ways to get work done. In particular, the emergence of cloud computing, enterprise mobility, social media and big data -- not only as buzzwords, but as foundational IT building blocks -- are playing a big role in this giant technological leap forward. It's earned them the unofficial moniker of the big four for their role in reshaping technology roles, activities and capabilities.

But, as you're already surely aware, along with their potential to positively transform the enterprise, these emerging technology offerings also carry with them inherent security risks, presenting real anxieties to compliance officers everywhere. We searched our sister sites to uncover some recent stories that explain why some organizations are hesitant to embrace the big four, and share expert opinions on how to tackle the security and compliance risks these technologies pose.

CLOUD COMPUTING: What do a divorce case and enterprise webmail have in common?

According to the ruling in a recent divorce case, under some circumstances, a person may access another's personal webmail account without authorization and face no legal penalties under the Stored Communications Act. This tip applies the ruling to a business context, noting the ramifications for email data and explaining how federal regulations can affect enterprise cloud-based systems. Enterprises may need to revisit their cloud security and privacy practices, what user and consumer data they reside in the cloud, and their online storage services.

ENTERPRISE MOBILITY: Staying a step ahead of advancing malware in mobile devices

As the mobility trend began to blossom in the workplace, many underestimated the chances of a security breach actually affecting their devices. With a safeguard in place, mobile security should be a nonissue, right? Not quite. In a webcast with Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research, we see how poor planning has crushed mobility initiatives, and how to prepare and prevent mobile security attacks as malware rapidly evolves.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Cultural differences, legalities hinder social engagement

Language barriers, cultural views and national practices don't just apply when traveling; these issues hamper productivity and engagement in a multitude of multinational companies. As employees around the globe take issue with divulging personal or team project information, those personal and legal differences can stall open collaboration. This article focuses on the struggles enterprises face when incorporating social plans across various nations, and includes a few examples where organizations fashioned their social plans to appease different cultural standards, successfully implementing a unified multicultural workflow.

BIG DATA: Questions, answers and solutions about the information influx

Big data can give a new competitive edge to enterprises, with government investing in the vast resources, as well. But first, enterprises must be confident that the massive data collection isn't too good to be true. Questions like, "Why use big data?"; "What are the privacy concerns?"; and "How can my organization best practice big data privacy?" all coming into play. This article offers detailed answers and solutions on implementing effective storage and privacy strategies, bringing growth, innovation and productivity one step closer to reality.

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