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Get a free IT or corporate compliance plan template for assessing risk

To adhere to regulatory guidelines, companies must develop strong compliance programs. These free IT and corporate compliance plan template examples can help.

As new legislation unfolds, IT compliance officers often encounter widespread misunderstandings about what exactly is required for a company to remain in compliance. The stakes are big: Failing to meet one's compliance burden could lead to legal ramifications, financial penalties and the loss of reputation in the eyes of customers and investors. Thus, organizations charged with managing an ever-increasing number of information assets are developing and deploying  IT and corporate compliance plans to ensure continued adherence to regulatory guidelines and specifications. has scoured the Web for free IT and corporate compliance plan templates and downloads for organizations looking to shore up their compliance strategies. While not all specifically aimed at the IT organization, they provide sound guidelines for building a targeted corporate compliance plan, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance at all levels of the enterprise.

SOURCE: COBIT Support Resources
OFFERING: This corporate compliance plan template provides a framework to assist you in setting targets that represent realistic and affordable levels of compliance within an acceptable timeframe.

SOURCE: Uniform Business Office (UBO)
OFFERING: UBO offers a compliance plan template that outlines the benefits of and best practices for periodic assessments of an organizational compliance program. 

SOURCE: GenOn Energy Inc.
OFFERING: This ethics and compliance plan from GenOn is a good example of how to explain compliance programs to employees. It includes a rundown of the organization's risk officers, instructions on detecting and preventing criminal and unethical behavior, and other compliance protocols.

SOURCE: 2010 UBO/UBU Conference
OFFERING: This IT compliance plan presentation on discusses electronic medical records and provides a helpful overview of the elements in any compliance review, including the importance of providing training on ongoing revisions and a reminder that a compliance plan is a "living, breathing document."

SOURCE: The Institute of Internal Auditors
OFFERING: This advice piece by risk compliance advisor Michael Rasmussen introduces a seven-step IT compliance program for your organization. Follow these steps to better document internal policies and controls, appropriate management oversight and compliance training programs.

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