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Craft a complete information governance structure: Tips from #GRCchat

Our tweet jam participants share their picks for what makes an effective information governance structure. Is your framework up to snuff?

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We kicked off SearchCompliance's January #GRCchat by asking our followers to share their top information governance goals, and heard that streamlined management, reduced storage costs, enhanced compliance protocol and well-integrated risk management are all sought-after priorities. But we at @ITCompliance wondered: What specific features of an information governance structure will ensure that IT's long list of goals is met?

First things first: Information governance isn't only the responsibility of IT. SearchCompliance Site Editor Ben Cole was first to sound off, followed by a few like-minded tweet jammers:

Getting everyone in the organization on board with security efforts should be a top priority for IT leaders, especially in today's business world where bring your own device, the Internet of Things and, unfortunately, data fraud are increasingly common.

After equipping an entire organization with the necessary information governance structure and knowledge and getting executive-level leaders on board, the next step, according to our #GRCchat participants, is focusing on data, data and more data:

Other important facets of a successful information governance framework include a business impact analysis and internal audits:

SearchCompliance Executive Director Christina Torode gets the last word, with an assist from Google:

Please tell us what influences your information governance structure in the comment section below. Stay tuned here on SearchCompliance for more recaps of our first-ever #GRCchat. For those looking to join our next tweet jam, pencil us in for Thursday, Feb. 20, at 12 p.m. EST.

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With so many information governance structure choices, how do you select the right one?