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Compliance and security: Tweet jammers discuss data solutions

In our recent tweet jam, site editors, our guest expert and online participants discussed compliance and security, plus data solutions and management.

Who isn't talking about big data and data management these days? Organizations collecting massive amounts of data are leveraging concepts such as predictive analytics to make educated decisions about future business operations and gain competitive advantage within their industry. But, as with most concepts in IT, big data spells big compliance and security issues.

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Anand Shroff, CTO and co-founder at Health Fidelity, joined SearchCIO's tweet jam this month to discuss data solutions and management relevant to IT executives, including compliance officers. As a leader in healthcare data management and transformation technologies, Shroff answered participants' questions throughout the chat, and fellow participants weighed in as well.

The first question on the docket for this month's tweet jam asked:

The amplified inflow of data, together with bring your own device (BYOD) and self-service trends, has required organizations to reevaluate their data management strategies. As one would expect, the chat quickly shifted toward compliance and security:

There's a danger in collecting massive amounts of data but not protecting it. Establishing a data protection plan that secures company, employee and customer data is vital, but there's an additional area that often goes unnoticed: data deletion. Is there a business need to hold on to all data from ex-clientele, retired employees, failed projects or sales from decades past? Our SearchCompliance site editor Ben Cole weighed in:

Deleting data that is no longer relevant to the business is one way to avoid unnecessary security problems or legal repercussions. However, in the age of big data and cheap storage, to what extent should companies assign significant resources to deletion efforts?

It's like cleaning out your closet -- you never know when shoulder pads, baby-blue leisure suits or bell-bottom pants might be useful again (harem pants just made a comeback, after all). With so many companies set on finding value in data, paired with cheap storage options, the discussion seems to be more about what is -- and isn't -- vital to keep.

Delving deeper, SearchCIO asked how data management policies are changing:

According to our tweet jam participants, a number of new priorities are surfacing:

Data access, control, sources, storage and relationship management are all top-of-mind concerns, according to our tweet jammers. Do you agree? Where are you focusing most when it comes to data management policy planning? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

To view the conversation in its entirety, search #CIOChat on Twitter, and please plan to join our next tweet jam Aug. 28.

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