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Podcast: The keys to an organizational e-discovery process

In this podcast, technology law expert Jeffrey Ritter discusses the essentials and challenges of maintaining an organizational e-discovery process.

The sheer amount of digital information created by organizations -- and the speed at which it is produced -- requires rock-solid strategies to produce information quickly when there is a legal request. The e-discovery process is often complicated, however, by a lack of organizational control, collaboration and communication.

Jeffrey Ritter Jeffrey Ritter Editor Ben Cole recently sat down with technology law expert Jeffrey Ritter to discuss some of the must-haves in an organizational e-discovery process. E-discovery requires more and more people to be involved in finding and validating the reliability of digital information, Ritter said, and one big obstacle to a company maturing its e-discovery process is what he calls "the ostrich effect."

"Many people put their head in the sand and deny there is a problem, or deny there is a risk," Ritter said. "As a consequence, when there is a major demand for e-discovery, they're not prepared and the company is at risk."

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Ritter said e-discovery now requires input from virtually every department, and advised businesses to seek new ways to collaborate between them when developing e-discovery processes. If done correctly, organization-wide e-discovery strategy can provide huge business benefits as well.

"When you improve e-discovery, you can actually save enormous amounts of money," Ritter said, "not in the task of finding information for litigation, but in the everyday task of finding information that is needed to make business decisions."

In this podcast, learn more about e-discovery process best practices, tips to overcome common e-discovery challenges, and how social media and the cloud are influencing document management.

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