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How automated compliance is likely to change GRC jobs

As companies increasingly automate compliance data management, GRC professionals may be wary about job security. Our #GRCchat participants say that GRC pros will have to develop new skills in order to avoid being rendered obsolete.

Compliance mandates and risk management processes can be a huge burden to a company's bottom line. In an effort to streamline data management resources and to curb costs, some businesses are making the switch to automated compliance processes.

This trend might give those in the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) field pause. After all, when these professionals hear that automated processes will be used to "streamline resources" and "curb costs," it's no wonder they suspect GRC jobs will be part of the cuts.

But rather than summarily reduce the number of GRC jobs available, the shift toward automated compliance is more likely, at least in the short term, to change desired skill sets. Human input will still be required to ensure that automated tools are working correctly, and related processes are regulatory compliant.

In the latest SearchCompliance #GRCchat, we asked participants their opinion on how increasingly automated compliance processes would impact GRC jobs. Many were skeptical that there would be a dramatic reduction in GRC job availability due to automation.

In other words, it's virtually impossible to completely remove the human element from any GRC management strategy. New, complicated GRC management systems need highly skilled workers to implement and maintain them. And of course, no tool will be completely infallible. Employees must be available to fix any problems -- especially if they could result in regulatory violations.

GRC professionals will also be required to identify areas where automated tasks are most beneficial. A company-wide risk assessment is an appropriate way to get this started, and one that will require input from department heads, IT staff and security personnel throughout the organization.

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How do you think automated compliance processes will impact GRC jobs?