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New electronic document management software for the record manager

New electronic document management software offerings can give the record manager efficiency and security in integration and maintenance efforts.

To inform compliance officers and record managers about some new tools hitting the market, we're featuring two new entries into the electronic document management software realm:

HP Records Manager 8.0

HP Records Manager 8.0 is a scalable electronic document and records management offering designed to meet government and regulated industry needs on a global scale. HP Records Manager is intended to enable secure management and access to assist with managing large volumes of information.

HP Records Manager offers organizational and regulatory mandates to simplify the access of information, keeping compliance in focus from record creation all the way through to disposal. A modern Web interface across a range of devices streamlines the capture, search and management of business information from a variety of sources, including Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint, as well as Lotus Notes mail and line-of-business apps.

In addition to greater configurability, desktop, workflow and integration tools enable organizations to adapt to various business and information management processes. HP Records Manager features provide a secure records source combined with security and audit capabilities.

Detailed features of HP Records Manager 8.0 include the following:

  • Integrated records and document management;
  • Ability to manage in place or in a centralized secure records repository;
  • Modern uniform interface across devices;
  • Extensive SharePoint integration;
  • Advanced email integration;
  • Advanced request and warehouse integration; and
  • Global certification and standards.

For more information, visit the HP Records Manager 8.0 website.

Collabware CLM for SharePoint

Collabware CLM for SharePoint is a content lifecycle management product that offers features and benefits to enhance the SharePoint experience.

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Collabware CLM allows records managers to automatically classify and flag documents as potential records at the point of creation. Documents can be set under specific categories or metadata matches and be declared as records on a scheduled timeframe. Collabware CLM also allows multijurisdictional organizations to manage records in a centralized interface while also storing those records in their respective countries.

In addition, globally unique content IDs ensure that records managers can search, manage, retrieve and identify documents regardless of their location with SharePoint, with both in-place and repository-based records storage capabilities available.

Further features that Collabware CLM offers a record manager include the following:

  • U.S. Department of Defense 5015.02-STD adherence: based on the requirements outlined in the U.S. DoD 5015.02-STD guideline for records management software;
  • Electronic and physical records management: supports the management of both electronic and physical records in one location. Virtual physical boxes can be created and content can be added without separately building a file plan or retention schedule;
  • Enterprise content management solution for SharePoint: combines SharePoint's collaboration capabilities with CLM's enterprise content management functions;
  • Rules-based metadata auto-population: auto-populates content metadata values based on classification or retention-policy properties;
  • Reduced IT involvement: provides streamlined workflows and can configure user security and access settings while performing other core tasks;
  • Audit tracking and reporting: tracks content updates, actions and events from creation to destruction, and queries all information stored in the data warehouse;
  • Centralized policies: centrally manages compliance policies and applies them in a single step to as many records categories as needed. In addition, future policies can be set to supersede old policies on a determined date; and
  • Global security profiles: makes security profiles globally available across the SharePoint environment, enabling application consistency.

For the full list of additional detailed benefits, visit the Collabware CLM website.

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