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Cloud security products to keep your risk management programs on track

In this Product Spotlight, we cover two new cloud security products designed to bolster enterprise risk management programs.

WatchGuard Technologies' Unified Threat Management for Windows

WatchGuard Technologies Inc.'s Unified Threat Management (UTM) provides a multilayered defense across network, email, Web and content data for the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud computing platform. As enterprises pour data, applications and services into the cloud, weak security measures can leave sensitive data vulnerable to attack. WatchGuard's UTM provides additional threat protection with continuous data access across multiple environments.

All WatchGuard Extensible Threat Management security appliances now offer complete support for virtual private network access to the Windows Azure Virtual Network service, creating more-secure VPN tunnels that link on-premises data centers to cloud environments. Combined with WatchGuard's existing Microsoft Hyper-V support, WatchGuard offers a unified threat management approach to the hybrid cloud.

For more information on Unified Threat Management for the Windows Azure cloud platform, visit the WatchGuard website or follow its Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page for company updates.

Trend Micro's 'Trend Ready' cloud security verification program

Trend Micro Inc.'s "Trend Ready for Cloud Service Providers" program verifies the compatibility of Trend Micro's security products with those of global cloud providers. The initiative is designed to help alleviate concerns regarding the ability to add security to cloud deployments.

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The Trend Ready description is designated to infrastructures that support the installation, activation and functionality of Trend Micro products so they seamlessly operate within the environment of each cloud provider. Being "Trend Ready" validates that an organization's cloud infrastructure can seamlessly support and operate Trend Micro's Cloud and Data Center Security Solution. This includes:

  • Deep Security, an agentless security platform offering anti-malware, Web reputation, firewall, intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection; and
  • SecureCloud, which provides encryption for guarding sensitive data in public cloud and virtualized environments.

By participating in this program, cloud service providers are confirming to their customers that their cloud infrastructures will work with Trend Micro security products. More than 20 leading cloud service providers have been certified, including Amazon Web Services, HP Cloud Services and Dell.

For more information on Trend Micro's Trend Ready Cloud Security Verification Program, visit the Trend Ready website.

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