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Product Spotlight: New and improved risk management assessment tools

In this Product Spotlight, we look at two new risk management assessment tools intended to better secure and protect your organization's private data.

SSH Communication Security's SSH Risk Assessor tool

SSH Communication Security's new SSH Risk Assessor is a free tool designed to help organizations identify and clearly report on the risk and compliance fault lines within a Secure Shell environment. Mismanagement of these environments can leave organizations vulnerable to attacks and compliance violations, so the SSH Risk Assessor tool maps out vulnerabilities while providing security administrators, auditors and other key decision makers with actionable information and current best practices.

The SSH Risk Assessor tool seeks and highlights lost Secure Shell keys that are embedded within an organization's network, which could potentially compromise sensitive data. In doing so, the tool provides major enterprises, governments and financial institutions with a clearer view of the potential risk and compliance violations within their environments, keeping these organizations a step ahead of avoidable security snafus.

The SSH Risk Assessor tool provides:

  • Key location and risk-assessment technology;
  • Broad problem-scope capabilities to provide an understanding of the current state of the Secure Shell environment;
  • Identification of organization-specific compliance status with relevant standards; and
  • Assessment of actions needed to achieve organizational compliance.

The SSH Risk Assessor tool is available for free on the SSH Communication Security website. For more information, contact the company's sales team.

AvePoint Inc.'s Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 1

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AvePoint Inc.'s Compliance Guardian Service Pack (SP) 1 provides organizations that are running social enterprise collaboration platforms with new features and support for compliance around file shares, websites and Microsoft SharePoint. The service pack helps organizations be proactive in protecting their IT environments from information leaks or misuse by supporting compliance, accessibility and manageability of information in decentralized, social-sharing systems.

New features of AvePoint Inc.'s Compliance Guardian Service Pack 1 include:

  • Enhanced capabilities for file systems compliance: Scans content with customized compliance checks and maps to domestic and international requirements and legislation; will tag sensitive material with an embedded metatag, protecting sensitive information.
  • Enhanced capabilities for Web compliance: Scours Web content, Web-based systems and IT frameworks to assess risks and identify accessibility, operational security, privacy and site-quality violations.
  • Risk reports: Uses customized algorithms to analyze the potential risk factors within a system by providing the user with multiple perspectives of raw risk, stepped risk and weighted risk across content.
  • Site quality/link validation reports: Evaluates links, images and site errors, as well as the proper use of brand, logos and custom requirements, to confirm your site is consistently meeting requirements for quality and brand management.

For more information on AvePoint Inc.'s Compliance Guardian Service Pack 1, visit AvePoint Inc.'s website.

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