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Product Spotlight: Risk intelligence tools to bolster GRC

Is your organization gathering and properly acting upon risk intelligence? Our latest Product Spotlight roundup focuses on risk-centric GRC tools.

Thomson Reuters' Accelus Risk Manager

Thomson Reuters' Accelus Risk Manager helps organizations establish a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework based on their risk appetite by capturing information such as incidents, indicators, assessment responses and scenario-analysis data so that both the cause and effect of risks can be fully understood.

Risk intelligence data housed in Accelus Risk Manager can power stress tests, Basel II operational risk capital modeling, Monte Carlo simulations and other forms of statistical analysis to help better communicate with regulators and understand the challenges the organization faces.

Accelus Risk Manager functions allow organizations to perform the following:

  • Create and capture risk control self-assessments;
  • Track incidents and key risk indicators;
  • Analyze and report with powerful risk analytics;
  • Understand risks in the context of an organization;
  • Improve communication about risk appetite;
  • Provide valuable insights to the business on their risk profile; and
  • Help a board understand complex risk choices.

To learn more about Thomson Reuters' Accelus Risk Manager, visit its website or contact the sales team.

ACL Services Ltd.'s GRC tool

ACL Services Ltd.'s GRC product is a data-driven tool that aims to help organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of GRC activities.

ACL GRC enables the following:

  • Insight into strategic risk intelligence and outcomes for executives;
  • Efficient project management for audit, risk management and compliance, and teams;
  • Data-driven measurement, remediation and reporting for business stakeholders.

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ACL's tool helps executives and risk managers catalog, assess, prioritize and communicate strategic risks across the leadership team, leading to proper execution of projects such as audits, compliance initiatives, and risk and control assessments. With the tool, organizations can perform the following:

Assess and manage risks:

  • Capture and maintain a complete view of strategic risks across the organization;
  • Focus on the risks that are most important;
  • Communicate the current and historical risk management stance, emerging issues, and project outcomes; and
  • Support COSO, ISO 31000 and most generic risk management frameworks.

Plan and manage projects:

  • Move beyond spreadsheet-based audit management and coordinate, document, review and report on audit, compliance and risk projects centrally;
  • Share and manage ACL Analytics results;
  • Facilitate an organized and productive workflow, utilizing on-the-go iPhone and iPad native apps for busy teams; and
  • Reduce review cycle times and gain instant visibility into project status, deficiencies and project findings.

Request a free trial of ACL GRC by visiting the company's website. To speak with an ACL representative, call 1-604-669-4225.

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