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Product Spotlight: Manage risk with these MAM solutions

In this SearchCompliance Product Spotlight, learn how new tools from MAM solutions providers can help you manage risk at your organization.

Veracode Inc. introduces Mobile Application Reputation Service

Veracode Inc. has expanded its enterprise application security offerings with the introduction of Mobile Application Reputation Service (MARS), a cloud-based service aimed at helping enterprises and federal agencies prevent inadvertent data leakage due to the use of third-party mobile applications.

In an initial analysis of mobile applications, Veracode found that approximately 91% of the top mobile apps unnecessarily access confidential and sometimes personal identifiable information on people's mobile devices. Its MARS service highlights the behavior of these applications, bringing security risks to the user's attention. When enterprises use MARS in conjunction with mobile device management (MDM) or mobile application management (MAM) solutions, they can better inform and enforce their bring-your-own-device (BYOD) risk management policies. Paired with Veracode's mobile-application vulnerability scanning, MARS gives organizations a comprehensive and quantitative risk analysis of the mobile applications supplied by public app stores, commercial developers and enterprise developers.

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Veracode has partnered with industry-leading MDM and MAM vendors so that enterprises can use the information obtained through MARS to easily enforce BYOD risk-management policies by setting up rules to automatically allow or block apps from mobile devices based on the apps' risk ratings.

To request more information about MARS, visit Veracode's website.

AirWatch LLC's Mobile Application Management

AirWatch LLC's Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution is intended to enable organizations to manage applications throughout the entire application lifecycle. Administrators can manage internal, public and purchased apps across corporate-owned, corporate-shared and employee-owned devices from one central console, maximizing efficiency and employee productivity.

From the AirWatch central console, administrators can view detailed app information including:

  • Platform and operating system version
  • Application categories
  • Description, keywords, copyright, Terms of Use agreement, and effective or expiration dates
  • Licenses purchased (redeemed and remaining)
  • Support and developer contact information
  • Automatic or on-demand deployment

They can also track applications and data including:

  • Name and description
  • Version and change log
  • User ratings
  • Number of users with installed app
  • Number of users assigned app
  • Workflow status

AirWatch enables administrators to install, update and remove managed apps over-the-air. Administrators can also deploy multiple versions of the same app (including beta versions), assign different versions to different groups and allow devices to "roll back" to a previous version.

AirWatch also gives administrators the ability to create app whitelists, blacklists and compliance policies. AirWatch users can also restrict access to pre-installed applications on a device, such as Bluetooth or a camera, and disable access to public app stores. For organizations looking to build custom, internal applications, AirWatch offers a software development kit.

To learn more about AirWatch, visit the company's website, sign up for a free trial, or request more information by calling (404) 478-7500 or filling out a contact form.

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