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MetricStream and CipherCloud announce new cloud security platforms

In this Product Spotlight, learn about two new security platforms from vendors CipherCloud and MetricStream.

MetricStream launches Zaplet

MetricStream, a governance, risk and compliance (GRC) tools provider, recently announced the release of Zaplet. Zaplet is an open and flexible cloud platform and partner ecosystem that harnesses the power of Platform as a Service to help developers and organizations quickly build, deploy, manage and sell a variety of specialized GRC applications. Each app can be designed to have its own unique data models, workflows, content, reports, dashboards and templates that are tailored to address specific risk management and regulatory compliance requirements.

With Zaplet, organizations will be able to quickly browse, select and purchase certified GRC apps. Zaplet also enables collaboration with other customers to share app information and reviews, and provide a rating for each app. In turn, developers will be able to build, market and distribute their apps with customer demos, free trials and upgrades. Developers also will be able to access a wide set of resources in the form of developer kits, training materials, certification programs and collaboration forums designed for the Zaplet developer community.

A Zaplet app comprises these features:

  • MetricStream GRC Platform: Forms the underlying infrastructure, providing the necessary technology infrastructure and reusable plug-and-play GRC components.
  • Cloud-based development environment: Powered by the MetricStream Application Studio (AppStudio), a suite of high-level GRC application building blocks, tools and component libraries.
  • GRC App Store: A Web-based marketplace where customers can seamlessly browse, learn, license and run Zaplet applications.
  • An ecosystem of partners: Connections to people who have created GRC applications and can digitally distribute them to customers using the Zaplet development environment and app store.
  • Other capabilities: A robust security model, intuitive user interfaces and Web-based drag-and-drop tools for defining workflows and reports.

For more information about Zaplet, visit the MetricStream website.

CipherCloud extends its cloud information protection program

CipherCloud has announced the release of Cloud Data Discovery, an addition to its cloud information protection platform, which allows organizations to rapidly adopt Software as a Service and cloud applications while ensuring they are living up to their compliance policies and protecting sensitive information.

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With the addition of Cloud Data Discovery to the CipherCloud platform, organizations can better view the information their users are sharing across all their cloud applications, allowing for improved data-loss prevention and compliance policies.

Additionally, Cloud Data Discovery is complemented by the CipherCloud platform's advanced user activity monitoring capabilities, which provide detailed information on all logging, tracking and auditing of user activities across all cloud applications. Information is aggregated and monitored, which makes it possible to to quickly find violations of policies, identify anomalous patterns and flag potential security breaches.

CipherCloud's Cloud Data Discovery also provides:

  • Comprehensive content monitoring and detection: In-line, real-time monitoring and detection of organizational policy violations across all cloud applications.
  • Full policy compliance: Compliance tracking with CipherCloud's cloud data loss prevention offering or via integration with existing enterprise DLP templates, as well as out-of-box DLP templates.
  • Detailed dashboard information: Dashboards highlight violations of policies at the organization, user and location level, and report all user activities to monitor out-of-compliance and potential malicious activity.

The CipherCloud platform provides support for commercially available enterprise cloud applications for customer relationship management, collaboration and email, including, Chatter,, Microsoft Office 365, Google Gmail, Box and tailored solutions through CipherCloud's Connect AnyApp.

For more information, visit CipherCloud's website.

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