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Product Spotlight: Global compliance services for mobile productivity

In this Product Spotlight, learn about two global compliance services created to boost mobile productivity and enforce compliance for on-the-go employees.

Wandera's Mobile Data Optimization service

Wandera has announced the launch of its Enterprise Mobile Data Optimization service, providing businesses with visibility, savings and policy management solutions for mobile handheld devices such as phones and tablets.

Powered by its cloud data compression and processing engine, Wandera works for mobile devices on a global scale and offers an uninterrupted user experience. Wandera's global compliance service is scalable and optimized to process billions of daily mobile data requests simultaneously without harming employee mobile productivity, the company said.

International travel can quickly inflate business costs when employees are carrying mobile devices. According to Wandera founder and CEO Eldar Tuvey, businesses spent $29 billion on roaming and data charges alone in 2012. Wandera can provide an average savings of $100 per month on individual roaming bills.

Wandera officials said their mobile data optimization (MDO) service provides organizations with the following benefits and abilities:


  • Avoid bill shock by setting real-time caps.
  • Reduce the volatility of mobile data bills.
  • Safeguard users by blocking inappropriate and unproductive mobile content.
  • Secure and prevent data leakage.


  • Make well-informed business decisions based on granular reporting.
  • Track usage of enterprise applications and measure mobile productivity.
  • Itemize and split bills for bring-your-own-device employees.

To learn more about Wandera's Enterprise Mobile Data Optimization solution and to access a free trial, visit the company's website. For more information, call Erin Lockhart at 1-408-334-5463 or email

Stroz Friedberg Navigator Application

Stroz Friedberg, a global digital risk management and investigations firm, has unveiled Navigator, a desktop and mobile application designed to enable employees to receive clear and instantaneous direction on global compliance policies through popular mobile devices, and to provide real-time data and analytics to help drive key decisions for compliance professionals.

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According to Gartner Inc., 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. Companies are seeking solutions to educate employees and manage compliance processes across their organizations with increasing enforcement, new regulatory measures, differences in global requirements and pressures to quickly comply with changing regulations.

According to Scott Peeler, the managing director and leader of the Compliance Navigation service offering at Stroz Friedberg, compliance policies are intentionally designed with complexity -- which often prevents employees from understanding or following the rules. Navigator is intended to remove the barriers that tend to keep employees from reviewing and using compliance resources during critical times.

Navigator is customized to each organization and its employees, providing real-time answers to questions about relevant policies. Navigator automates the approval process, giving employees direct and efficient answers to their compliance requests, and simplifying the process for compliance professionals.

Additional features include:

  • Tailored analytics that allow organizations to make data-driven compliance decisions.
  • Convenient, secure repository of enterprise-wide compliance activity.
  • On-demand tracking and reporting.
  • Customization that makes your policies dynamic and interactive.
  • Multi-platform access to any number of your policies.

For more information about Stroz Friedberg and its products, visit the company's website or call Karen Guterl at 212-542-3167 or email,

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