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Product Spotlight: Cloud computing security solutions for enterprises

Our latest Product Spotlight features two cloud computing security solutions that can assist in the storage, access, management and security of data.

Centrify DirectControl for SaaS

Centrify Corp. recently introduced a new Windows Azure cloud-based offering that extends Microsoft Active Directory and lets organizations centrally secure and control access to their Software-as-a-Service apps and other cloud computing services across a variety of operating systems and platforms.

Centrify's new Identity as a Service, or IDaaS, offering -- Centrify DirectControl for SaaS -- lets Centrify customers take advantage of their existing Microsoft Active Directory investments across the industry's range of systems, mobile devices and apps deployed on premises and in the cloud.

Key components of Centrify DirectControl for SaaS include:

  • The MyCentrify portal, an Active Directory-integrated and cloud-delivered user portal that includes such features as MyApps, MyDevices, MyProfile and MyActivity.
  • Centrify Cloud Service, a multi-tenant service, provides secure communication from an on-premises Active Directory to SaaS applications accessed from the MyCentrify user portal. It leverages an existing on-premises Active Directory infrastructure instead of providing a directory in the cloud.
  • Centrify Cloud Manager, an administrator interface that provides a single view for administering SaaS app access and single sign-on, mobile devices and user profiles, as well as centralized reporting, monitoring and analysis of all SaaS and mobile activity.
  • Centrify Cloud Proxy, which allows users to extend their Active Directory to SaaS applications and mobile devices. The proxy is a simple Windows service that runs behind the firewall, providing real-time authentication, policy and access to user profiles without synchronizing data to the cloud.

Centrify DirectControl for SaaS is currently in open beta and is expected to be generally available in early 2013. For more information about pricing, call (408) 542-7500 or visit Centrify's website.

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Total Defense for Business

Total Defense Inc., a provider of solutions to combat the growing threat of cybercrime, announced the release of Total Defense for Business, a cloud computing security solution. It combines the power and flexibility of cloud computing with the delivery of multilayered protection through the integration of three critical security technologies:

Advanced endpoint antimalware and application controls protect Windows, Mac and Linux devices from malware, secure and control applications used by end users, and protect against threats from removable media.

Web filtering and malware protection through cloud-based URL filtering utilizing antimalware security, real-time dynamic content analysis, outbound data leakage prevention, application controls, quota management and policy compliance.

Email security using cloud-based anti-spam technology and email threat prevention, provides a clean email connection and secures against malware, blended threats, unwanted content and outgoing leakage of sensitive data.

Total Defense is offering a free 15-day trial of Total Defense for Business. To learn more, visit the Total Defense website.

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