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Clearwell makes its electronic discovery search more transparent

Clearwell Systems adds electronic discovery search capabilities for quick retrieval of relevant legal data and for documenting the search and retrieval process.

Clearwell Systems Inc. is adding what it calls "transparent search" to its Clearwell E-Discovery Platform 4.0 appliance for processing and managing email and documents for legal purposes.

Clearwell's transparent search includes new preview, filter, multiple query and report capabilities. It allows customers to customize wild-card searches and quickly filter results to identify and exclude false positive matches. E-Discovery Platform can now run more queries simultaneously to decrease the search time and will display returns for each individual query term. It also now creates a report that documents all search criteria and results, tracking terms that were included and excluded during the search preview to create an audit trail to provide opposing counsel or use in court.

Kamal Shah, Clearwell vice president of marketing, said the vendor recognizes that search for electronic discovery is different than enterprise or Web search.

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"They all start by entering something in a search box, but that's where the similarities end," Shah said. "Saying one approach can be applied by all is like saying the same person can win the 100 meters and marathon in the Olympics. They have different objectives and business drivers. For enterprise search, it's speed and simplicity. For the Web, it's speed, simplicity and scalability. For electronic discovery, it's defensibility – can you defend best practices and show it in court and minimize nonrelevant results because of cost per results?"

IDC analyst Vivian Tero said Clearwell's search can overcome limitations of Boolean search to facilitate litigation searches.

"They recommend that corporations going into this process should supplement and use alternative search approaches, and at the same time take advantage of the expertise of their information retrieval specialists," Tero said. Presenting the reporting capabilities helps organizations to defend their search processes, she added

"This allows the user to document all the activities related to the particular search. They're allowing customers to document all of these with a report," Tero said "When the lawyer meets with opposing counsel, he says 'This is how we do the search.'"

The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is priced according to the amount of data analyzed. The entry level price is $65,000 for 100 GB plus maintenance and support.

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