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Compliance management: How to keep the IT auditors away

With compliance regulations and legislation constantly changing, keeping up can be tricky. Find your way through the confusion and how to avoid IT audits.

Keeping up with business compliance can be a daunting task. Legislation changes, technology evolves and CIOs need to keep up to date to prevent a compliance meltdown, or worse: an audit.

The compliance chaos is a prevalent business concern due to an ever-increasing number of regulations and the widespread lack of understanding regarding what is required for company compliance. And it doesn't seem to be getting any easier, with Web 2.0 technologies, mobile computing and the horror stories of painful audits and data breaches.

Before you find yourself in hot water, read through our top five compliance stories. We've covered everything from licensing to personal digital assistants (PDAs) to keep you informed and in the know to prevent compliance confusion.

 Software audit painful and costly for the noncompliant
[Zach Church, News Writer]
Dynamic Systems Inc. CIO Will McManus learned about software license audits the hard way. He was audited -- twice.

 MS software licensing, IT auditing tricky business
[Kristen Caretta, Associate Editor]
For one CTO, Microsoft client access licenses were inadvertently corrupted overnight (apparently by Microsoft), halting company productions for five hours. Could it happen to you?

 Legal Expert: Avoid legal issues in disaster's wake
[Jeffrey Ritter, Contributor]
The legal issues following a disaster recovery cleanup can provide nasty surprises. Planning and documentation are key.

 Compliance scares make pack rats of IT
[Kate Evans-Correia,]
Going against conventional electronic records management wisdom, a group of records retention and information management experts admit to keeping everything.

 PDAs increase revenues, regulatory compliance risks
[Jeffrey Ritter, Contributor]
PDAs, the most ubiquitous unified communications weapon, sometimes trade messaging flexibility for regulatory compliance rules.

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