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Compliance Product Spotlight: File share, GRC, Solvency II offerings

Here are some of the latest compliance products and risk management solutions that can help your company stay in step with the governance, risk and compliance regulations.

Courion Corp. has delivered a compliance product to help professionals ensure that user access to file shares are aligned with security policies and compliance regulations.

Compliance products

Previously featured compliance and GRC management tools.

Compliance Manager for File Shares  essentially controls the access users have to sensitive, unstructured data residing in file shares such as Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and computer-aided design files.

"Among the many users we talk to, few have a good handle on their file share infrastructure. In larger companies there might be thousands of file shares, but no one knows who owns them, what critical information is on them, who has access to them and what level of access these various people have," said Chris Sullivan, Courion's vice president of customer solutions.

One of the core features of the product is RiskAppraiser, a technology that identifies the precise location of file shares that represent the highest risk. RiskAppraiser tracks down the business owners of this risky data and controls their access without interfering with business functions.

"File shares are ubiquitous in the enterprise, and the data on those shares is only increasing in sensitivity," according to Ian Glazer, research director in Gartner Inc.'s identity and privacy strategies service. "Organizations need a way to identify sensitive data in unstructured environments so they can review access to that data and mitigate risks."

According to a recent Gartner report, some 80% of companies' sensitive data resides in unstructured repositories.

Compliance Manager for File Shares is available now.

McAfee Risk Management solution

McAfee Risk Advisor

McAfee Inc. has rolled out Risk Management, which combines real-time threat intelligence with global vulnerability scanning across applications, databases and networks. It then correlates that data with existing security countermeasures to help organizations assess their highest-priority risks.

The new solution consists of the following three products:

  • McAfee Risk Advisor 2.5, a dashboard that correlates threat, vulnerability and countermeasure information to pinpoint critical assets at risk. Starts at $25 a node.
  • McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.0, a vulnerability assessment product that lets organizations discover and scan Web applications as part of their vulnerability assessment practices. Starts at $500 per Web application.
  • McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases finds databases on the network and determines if the latest patches have been applied. Pricing starts at $900 per database instance.

SunGard iWorks

SunGard Data Systems Inc. has unveiled iWorks, a risk management framework that helps support insurance companies' Solvency II compliance initiatives. Working in tandem with Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard Co., SunGard has blended a mix of technology components and consulting services.

Individual components can be configured to meet users' business requirements, and includes hardware, software and actuarial, data management and implementation support. The risk management framework also helps insurers obtain a view of risk across business silos.

EGestalt SecureGRC

EGestalt Technologies Inc. has introduced SecureGRC, a cloud-based security and governance, risk and compliance solution that features a built-in compliance SecureGRCmanagement framework. It also offers context-based inference engines, alert processing and logging and monitoring applications.

The compliance management feature lets organizations implement processes, integrate technologies and provide a unified repository for compliance information. The platform's basic features include workflow, document management and controls inventory.

SecureGRC can also scan and integrate compliance-related information from various sources, such as databases and file systems. Subscriptions are available now, starting at $1,400 per month.

Oracle Identity Management 11g

Oracle Corp. has delivered a beefed-up version of its Identity Management 11g compliance product, with a number of new features. The new version offers a more complete view of an organization's security and compliance strategy, which should help accelerate compliance, improve transparency and mitigate risk.

Identity Management 11g is integrated with Oracle's Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) platform, which contains business intelligence, process management and automated controls enforcement.

Redspin Healthcare Information Exchange Security Assessment

Redspin Inc. has rolled out Healthcare Information Exchange Security Assessment, which it says helps providers and hospitals eliminate risk and actively respond to security threats.

John Abraham, Redspin's CEO, said he believes Healthcare Information Exchange Security Assessment properly addresses key areas such as risk management process, and operational problems including incident response planning. So far, Abraham said, early adopters have used the solution to prepare for regulatory audits and a number of internal compliance requirements.

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