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May 2013

Using predictive coding to your e-discovery advantage

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The big data explosion creates numerous information management and legal concerns for modern organizations. Technology is beginning to catch up, however: E-discovery techniques such as predictive coding are increasingly popular, and organizations are starting to realize the benefits of these tools beyond just the legal realm.

In this SearchCompliance handbook, learn how predictive coding and other e-discovery practices are proving beneficial to overall business processes. The first article examines how predictive coding optimizes e-discovery and information governance, as well as searches for electronically stored information in the court of law. The second piece looks at why predictive coding cannot fully replace human review. The last article looks at how thinking outside the box when it comes to e-discovery tools and strategies could change the face of information asset management.

Table Of Contents

  • Predictive coding: It's not just for e-discovery any more
  • Predictive coding assists in e-discovery, doesn't replace human review
  • Data discovery tools, processes valuable to information management


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