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August 2015

Data governance in the digital age

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In the digital age, companies are generating, storing and maintaining a sometimes overwhelming amount of "big data." The trend has forced companies to alter -- and sometimes completely revamp -- information governance strategy. The constant threat of data breaches further complicates governance processes, while compliance rules require innovative methods to track and analyze information. All is not lost, however: With the right big data governance strategy, companies can make sure their information stays secure and compliant, while still taking advantage of the digital assets at their disposal. In this handbook, we’ll discuss the governance complications created by big data and employee mobility, and the latest information management strategies that help organizations adapt to increased storage needs, regulatory compliance mandates and security vulnerabilities unique to the digital age.

About The Author

Jeff Jenkins - Director of Cybersecurity

Jeff Jenkins is a regulatory compliance, information security ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Five steps to digital information governance
  • As threats evolve, companies must re-examine data security and compliance
  • Mobile data security ambiguity raises unique governance challenges

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