access list (AL)

Contributor(s): Ben Cole

An access list (AL) is a list of permissions used in physical and information technology (IT) security to control who is allowed contact with a corporate asset.  The asset can be a building, a room or a computer file. 

Different types of access lists include:

 Role-based access control: permission is granted to certain individuals whose jobs require them to have access to a particular asset. 

 Network access control: permission is granted to certain individuals whose clearance certification or computing device complies with a corporate security policy. 

Context-aware network access control: permission is granted depending upon the circumstances. For example, access may be granted from the hours of nine to five only.

Integrated access management - combines features from the different types of access lists above to grant permissions.  

See also: access control list, enterprise asset management


This was last updated in May 2013

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