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Can you help us predict the IT compliance future?

What will be the issues, trends and developments that will have the biggest impact on the IT compliance world in 2011? We here at have our own thoughts about that, but we would like to know what you think.

Will the proposed national cybersecurity bill give the government too much control over the Internet? Will this be the year that most companies get serious about formulating comprehensive e-discovery programs that properly harness the power of social media tools? Will proposed online consumer protection efforts, such as the recent “Do Not Track” option outlined by the FTC, result in new standards for the industry? Which new technologies do you think have the potential to change IT compliance as we know it?

So after you have spent some quality time with your crystal ball, let us know what you think by emailing Executive Editor Ed Scannell at or me, Associate Editor Ben Cole, at We’ll incorporate these ideas, along with our own humble opinions, in an upcoming article next month. We will also use some of your ideas to develop stories that will be included in our 2011 editorial calendar.

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