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Compliance management solutions: GRC software, mobile management tools

Our latest roundup of IT products features compliance management solutions including GRC software, a risk management tool and a cloud-based mobile device management solution.

SAP AG has announced the release of new governance, risk and compliance software designed to unify all GRC activities on a standard platform. The GRC software connects to other pieces of the business analytics portfolio to provide greater transparency, control and support for corporate strategy, according to an SAP announcement.

Compliance products

Previously featured compliance and GRC management tools.

The SAP BusinessObjects Access Control, SAP BusinessObjects Risk Management and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control applications share processes, data and a common interface. The GRC software also has specifications for different industries and lines of business. Key features include:

  • Real-time analysis of risk across all lines of corporate strategy.
  • Visibility across risk, compliance, policy and audit initiatives, with automatic identification and prioritization of risk.
  • A “bow-tie” builder for defining and configuring risk and risk metrics.
  • Openness for partner-built content, enabling tailored risk and compliance solutions that meet the specific needs of industries such as financial services, oil and gas, utilities, aerospace and defense, and life sciences.

For more information on these compliance management solutions, visit

Virtela's Cloud-based Mobile Device Management

Virtela Technology Services Inc. has announced the availability of a global cloud-based mobile device management service. The service is designed to help manage mobility policies, applications, security and costs.

Key features of Virtela's Cloud-based Mobile Device Management include:

  • The ability to perform configuration management and data backup within specific countries or regions to better meet local compliance and privacy laws. The service also features SMS text archiving and search to meet additional compliance requirements emerging in certain localities.
  • Real-time roaming notification and enforcement that detects when roaming usage thresholds have been reached, and real-time alerts to the IT team as well as the end user.
  • The ability for enterprises to distribute internal applications to mobile devices without going through vendor app stores and the application of pre-set access policies. The service also allows IT or end users to update policies and initiate or schedule other processes.
  • Centralized control to allow access to key network resources and applications by specific user groups or lines of business. The portal includes asset tracking and management and security controls such as remote lock and data wipes for lost or stolen devices.

Virtela is offering a free three-month trial of the cloud-based MDM service. For more information, visit or call 720-475-4445.

EthicsPoint Adaptive GRC Framework

EthicsPoint Inc. has announced the release of its Adaptive GRC Framework that includes compliance management solutions designed to help customers identify applicable requirements, assess compliance and determine risks and potential costs of noncompliance.

Other key features of the Adaptive GRC Framework include:

  • Case management that collects reports of violations to their code of conduct or other policies, and includes analytical capabilities to identify potential trends or areas of risk.
  • Policy management to help address the challenges of managing the policies needed to function within business boundaries.
  • Business risk analytics, a suite of products that creates streams of GRC data that can be fed into dashboards business users can access to help manage business policies.

More information about the Adaptive GRC Framework is available at

HP TRIM Enterprise Records Management

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) has announced enhancements to its TRIM Enterprise Records Management software that include multijurisdictional retention, which automates retention schedules across multiple countries and within multinational enterprises. The enhancements are designed to localize policies to eliminate administrative overhead, reduce costs and simplify compliance, according to HP.

Key features of HP TRIM include:

  • Reduced risk of noncompliance with legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Security and access control for all managed records: Only those who are authorized to access records can do so, which protects information from inappropriate access and misuse.
  • Litigation risk management via security and access controls, and metadata management

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