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HHS proposes changes to HIPAA privacy rule

HHS wants to modify the HIPAA privacy rule to encourage better care coordination and make it easier for patients to access their health data.


The 3 types of open source GRC tools to know about

All organizations need to meet a variety of regulatory compliance requirements, but they don't all have the budget for GRC software. Learn about seven free, open source options.

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Use these 7 controls for an enterprise IoT audit

To effectively prepare for and conduct an IoT audit, organizations need to understand which IT controls are in scope. Get actionable guidance on the audit process in this tip.

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How to perform a data protection impact assessment

Conducting a data protection impact assessment is key to evaluating potential risk factors that could pose a serious threat to individuals and their personal information.

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Compliance Management Basics

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    information governance

    Information governance is a holistic approach to managing corporate information by implementing processes, roles, controls and metrics that treat information as a valuable business asset.

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    enterprise document management (EDM)

    Enterprise document management (EDM) is a strategy for overseeing an organization's paper and electronic documents so they can be easily retrieved in the event of a compliance audit or subpoena.

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    How to evaluate CSPs on cloud compliance standards efforts

    Get guidance on how to select relevant cloud compliance standards, along with tips on evaluating third-party providers' cloud compliance and governance efforts.

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