The information management and governance challenge in modern business

The importance of information management and governance has skyrocketed at many organizations in recent years. Both sensitive consumer information and businesses' intellectual property have become a popular target for nefarious purposes -- and, of course, there are the endless regulatory requirements to worry about.

In this video interview, Randy Moeller, Procter & Gamble's manager of global records management governance, discusses his biggest challenges in information management and governance. The constant changes in global regulations should keep those in charge of information management on their toes -- especially when it comes to privacy, he says.

"The privacy [regulations] are the ones that are really growing and really changing," Moeller said. "And, as they spread globally, they are taking more of the European model of being fairly restrictive on how you can handle and pass that information along."

Maintaining consumer confidence through proper records management and governance is vital to modern organizations, Moeller adds, especially because of the increased scrutiny surrounding how corporations behave and are perceived in the public eye.

"We go through strides in order to make sure that we keep that confidence of the consumer [in] what we're doing with your information and with our employee information in practice," Moeller said. "It gives them the confidence level to be more [trusting] of corporations like us."

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