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Privacy legislation development remains complex

Consumer data usage in the U.S. is currently governed by a patchwork of privacy legislation that can't keep up with the digital marketplace and leaves consumers at risk. A consumer bill of rights could be the first step to address this problem.


Data threats, breach costs give rise to cyber insurance

Companies are increasingly turning to liability coverage to protect data assets, but questions remain for the nascent cybersecurity insurance industry.


Drawing business value from GRC analytics

Governance, risk and compliance processes face numerous complications in the digital age. Companies' data volumes continue to grow exponentially, while information security threats and regulatory mandates constantly evolve. Digitization does have ...


Why data protection policies must empower consumers

The use of big data analytics continues to grow -- and so does the list of consumer privacy risks associated with it. At a recent forum, privacy experts called for equipping users with greater understanding and control over their data.

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Compliance Management Basics

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    Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act)

    The Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 (Exchange Act) is a law that governs secondary trading and stock exchanges.

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    The business case for data protection

    Cybersecurity has become essential to protect data assets, but it is also helping businesses ensure corporate information is accurate and reliable.

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    conduct risk

    Conduct risk is the prospect of financial loss to an organization that is caused by the actions of an organization's administrators and employees.

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    Top 10 GRC stories of 2015

    We've rounded up the top 10 governance, risk and compliance stories of the year, with timely advice about GRC strategy, 2015 compliance challenges and best practices for overcoming data security issues.

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    GRC professionals remain in demand

    As organizations' data threats and regulatory demands increase, GRC professionals are seeing their IT compliance management skill sets become highly prized across industries.

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    Data privacy protection lacking in cybersecurity legislation

    #GRCChat participants discuss how cybersecurity legislation could hurt data privacy and what personal information protections should be included in the new rules.