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Blockchain gurus take on privacy, identity

The decentralized nature of public blockchain has raised concerns about digital identity and blockchain privacy. A panel of experts addresses these questions.


Experts tackle questions on blockchain security

Along with the hype, there have been plenty of questions around blockchain technology, particularly regarding blockchain security. A panel of experts takes on these concerns.


CFPB proposes payday loan regulations

A proposed rule is designed to protect consumers from unfair payday lending practices, but legal challenges to the regulation are on the horizon.


Blockchain GRC: The innovation and regulatory balance

Blockchain technology, a distributed ledger that underpins cryptocurrencies, has become a huge factor the financial services space as virtual currencies such as bitcoin have become increasingly popular. The rise of blockchain could radically change ...

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Compliance Management Basics

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    OPSEC (operational security)

    OPSEC (operational security) is an analytical process that identifies assets such as sensitive corporate information or trade secrets, and determines the controls required to protect these assets.

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    GRC conference calendar

    Attending a GRC conference can keep you up to speed on compliance regulations, risk management strategies and governance trends. Check out our list of upcoming GRC conferences.

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    smart contract

    A smart contract is programming that can directly and automatically control the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under specific conditions.

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  • Managing governance and compliance

    Top 10 GRC stories of 2015

    We've rounded up the top 10 governance, risk and compliance stories of the year, with timely advice about GRC strategy, 2015 compliance challenges and best practices for overcoming data security issues.

  • Managing compliance teams

    GRC professionals remain in demand

    As organizations' data threats and regulatory demands increase, GRC professionals are seeing their IT compliance management skill sets become highly prized across industries.

  • Risk management and compliance

    Data privacy protection lacking in cybersecurity legislation

    #GRCChat participants discuss how cybersecurity legislation could hurt data privacy and what personal information protections should be included in the new rules.